We are in CO, 2 overly aggressive players behind + station in BB

    • DeMarcohsp
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      Hey guys,

      The situation is like this.
      We are in the CO and have 2 aggressive players behind us which are:


      They sure have their weaknesses and I would play a range like this:

      Would you go any wider than this?

      Tricky part here is that on the BB we have this guy :

      How would you change the opening range ? Maybe include some more Kxs,Qxs ? Other than that I am pretty reticent about opening wider with the other 2 guys behind.
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    • bmfbpi
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      I would include some more Kx, and A9-A8 and A5
      With the Ax hand you also have blockers to their 3bets

      Wouldn't include any more Qs hands as the regs knowing that a fish is in the blinds, will call a lot with Kxs.

      Don't know how helpful this is for you, but that's what i would do