Managing risk exposure

    • ShadDoneWin
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      So I was playing my normal plo sesh earlier and I looked at my 'on the table balance' and my 'total balance' and kinda scared myself. To cut a long story short, through multi tabling and managing to stack some big pots, I had 19 bi's on the tables and 50 sitting in the cashier.

      I play a 50 + 10(+ 10 of the next limit for when taking shots) BR rule for my plo game on this site which rides everything out nicely.

      So is having 35% of your roll on the tables at any one time wrong when trying to move up? I know it depends on tolerance, I'm just wondering if it's sensible to do this and why. If it isn't, why isn't it and how can I combat it?
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    • poketingaces
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      if the reward is worth the risk then do it. if the risk is not then dont.

      Basically whatever makes you happy or not unhappy.
    • doctorkgb
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      "Normal plo session" is an oxymoron :D .
      If you can manage to continue your Agame, why not? I believe that your efective stack size at any table is not the sum that is written by your SN, so it does not make much difference.
    • ShadDoneWin
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      Yeah I think effective stack is the most important part. Earlier I was sitting on 4 BI's on 1 table and was HU with someone that was sitting on around the same. Instead of losing 1 BI I lost 3. Just need to keep that in mind next time.

      If anyone is having the same problem because they're playing slightly out of their comfort zone, just close the table with the big stack on and book the profit, then open up more tables. Good way to avoid painfully gut wrenching spots and the evilz of plo
    • pzhon
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      If you tilt, it may be more dangerous if you are playing so many tables. If your internet connection is not rock-solid, then it is risky to play that many tournaments at once. However, for cash games, it is not inherently dangerous to have so much in play when it is split among many tables. If you don't tilt or play worse, then it takes just as much bad luck to drop 20 buy-ins on 20 tables as it does to have a 20 buy-in downswing while playing one table at a time. It's not the same thing as having all of that on one table for higher stakes, which would indeed be too risky.

      For tournament players, it is a bit more risky to play so many tables at once, since you don't sit out and stop posting blinds if you disconnect. If you play tournaments for substantial stakes, you may want to have a back-up internet connection, particularly if you play many tables at once. You are not more exposed to the ordinary swings of the game, just the risk of disconnecting in many tournaments at once.