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      Ladbrokes Poker: New Bad Beat Jackpot

      Bad Beat Jackpot The Microgaming Poker Network has revamped its Bad Beat Jackpot, with players now able to opt in or out of the program from March 19. All opted-in players contribute €0.02 per hand to the BBJ, which currently stands at over €900,000.

      How does the new BBJ work?

      As opposed to having designated Bad Beat Jackpot and regular tables for all players, the Microgaming Poker Network now offers the players the choice to opt-in when they sit at a qualifying table.

      Simply ‘opt in’ by clicking the bad beat ticker at the bottom right of any qualifying Bad Beat Jackpot table and you will automatically contribute €0.02 per raked hand towards the Bad Beat Jackpot.

      About the jackpot

      The Microgaming Poker Network's Bad Beat Jackpot currently stands at over €900,000 at the time of writing - an amount that will carry over when the new jackpot launches on March 19.

      How to win the Bad Beat Jackpot
      Simply take a bad beat! Lose with quads or better (both players must use both hole cards for their showdown hand) and the total Bad Beat Jackpot prize is split as shown above.

      Terms & conditions

      The Microgaming Poker Network and Ladbrokes Poker's terms & conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

      If you do not have a Ladbrokes Poker account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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      So it's quite obvious that it's not worth it. 0.02€ PER HAND is a lot. If you play only 10k hands every month, that is 200€. But because 10% of BBJ goes to players that are playing the same stake, do you think is EV+, if we are opt-in for BBJ on only 1 table, while we are multitabling?