Would be grateful for some advice. I think possibly I have been mistreated by this site and curious if anyone can tell me where I stand.

Few months back, made a deposit at howdy-poker - it's a multi-platform skin of poker-in-venice network if I understand correctly. I read on the site that withdrawals will only be processed after ID check. Sent ID. Made small profit. Requested withdrawal. Withdrawal received. No problem.

A little while later I deposited a larger amount. Instantly some of my funds are locked on to one of the networks (although I didn't find out about this until around 12 days later). The amount that was locked is apparently the same amount as the profits I'd made previously.

I contacted support. I was told that any profits I made on a certain network would be non-transferable until I provided ID check. ID check? I'd already given my ID check. Apparently I had not.

It very clearly says under their terms and conditions that no withdrawals will be allowed until ID is checked. I assumed my account had been verified since my first withdrawal had been approved. But support denied any knowledge of receiving my ID.

The guy on support starts telling me how it was all in the "terms and conditions" that they will lock down any profits until ID is checked. Pretty sure it's not, I read them.

He also starts telling me how it's a "new regulation given by the LGA" that was made 10 days ago. 10 days ago? Ok, so is it in the T+C that I read when I signed up months ago, or was it added 10 days ago by the LGA??

If it is the latter how am I bound by this? Isn't the fact that my previous deposit/withdrawal and subsequent second deposit happened way before this "new LGA ruling", enough to mean they don't really have the right to lock up my funds?

I have three issues.

1) Howdy poker allowed withdrawal despite it being a violation of their terms and conditions. This falsely led me to believe my account had been verified when it hadn't, and caused me to deposit a larger amount when I otherwise wouldn't have. Should I contact the LGA to let them know that howdypoker/poker-in-venice are processing withdrawals illegally?

2) Howdy instantly locks down funds from a fresh deposit. Ok, so they perhaps made a mistake previously by allowing me to withdraw in the first place. Does this mean they should then retro-actively lock down funds from a subsequent deposit I make?

3) Support are telling me the locking of my funds is due to a "new rule made by the LGA". Apparently I agreed to it. However it was created 10 days ago (from yesterday), and even my second deposit was made before that so how exactly did I agree to it?

And yes, I did click the button to save my chat logs with support. Apparently the button did not work. Figures.

I'm confused and can't help feel I've been mistreated here somehow. Can anyone shed any light on the issue?