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      Hey guys/gals. Im currently breaking even playing the lower end games, but im struggling to make the profit to start moving up the levels. Ive watched most of the videos on here and have improved quite a lot, but still struggling to make the next step. This has made me think about maybe getting a coach but im abit unsure about how it works.

      Is it done online? And how does this work?
      Whats the average cost to hire a coach?
      How would I go about finding a decent one? I have no contacts on poker lol. I dont really like cash games, but really enjoy mtts and sit and gos. Thanks ben
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      Hey Ben,

      If you don't know - it's always best to ask and you did so fair play ;)

      So now then you are looking for coaching. We have quite a few coaches here at PokerStrategy so you won't be short of a few options!

      What games/limits do you play and what games/limits do you require coaching for?

      You can check out our private coaching board to see all information about our coaches and how their coaching works/prices/etc

      Hope this helps,
    • BigBenMee
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      Thanks for the reply :) . At the moment I am literally just playing $1-2 mtts and 45/90 man sit and gos as thats all I have the bankroll for. But obviously as I beat them I will be moving up the limits. Ill check out that board.

      Thanks Ben