Titan Tags Drive Me Nuts

    • fordz08
      Joined: 20.05.2008 Posts: 59
      How am i supposed to make profits at NL50 SSS when everybody there plays like there life depends on every hand,Been plus or minus 50 dollars for the last month currently $340 its driving me crazy.the play is so tight crazy tight unless its like happy hour then you get sucked out with worse hands mostly.multi 6 tables but found NL20 more profittable due to bad players but points accumulation is to slow at those levels.any suggestions?
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    • Fagin
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      I know what you mean about slow points accumulation. I played one table on Titan NL20 and got 3.8 titan points in 93 minutes. At 4 titan points per strategy point it can be very tough to get anywhere.

      Just got to grind it out.
    • mesorucky
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      Man I'd suggest moving sights! Move a portion of your roll to stars that way when there is shit games at titan (Eg to tight) you can almost be sure stars has the fish feeding :)