Turn nit table into loose and destroy!

    • thirit2
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      Hello guys, Today I tried a strategy and it worked out very well I did sit at a table everyone is tight and I started raising any two cards and I show them make bluffs without risking too much, they slowly by slowly started being loose after I made overbet bluffs 2x the pot and showed now everything was ready afterwards I make my overbet again 2$ pot I bet 4$ on board 772Q6 I have K7 and he had 10's and called, took all in from a guy in board 1096Q2 where I had Q10 and he had JJ Called pot bet on the river because he knows I bluff a lot and I was acting like fish. afterwards all the table went broke +3 BI :) For 45 mins
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      Hi thirit2,

      That makes sense.

      To win you must play opposite what the others are playing.

      As you discovered, if you play loosely against very tight players, you will be successful. Then, as they loosen up, you tighten up and you are successful again.

      I have moved this thread to the "No Limit Strategy board", since it fits the topic for that forum better.

      All the best,
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      When I see someone showing their cards a lot I usually make a note to the effect that they are a novice player. I'm not sure that is really a reputation that you want to establish, even if it does allow you to win in the short term.