[NL2-NL10] Pocket KK vs AQ7 flop - .05/10 NL

    • WpgJets
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      Sorry - no graphics to show. I was in the SB with KK. The board folded around to the BU who is generally loose and mildly aggressive. He min-raised to .20 which he did almost every hand regardless of position. I re-raised to .50. Should I have re-raised larger? BB folded. I wanted him (BU) to call, which he did.

      The flop came AQ7 rainbow. Obviously I didn't like seeing the Ace.

      There was $1.10 in the pot at this point. I bet $1 and he folded. Should I have played this differently?

      I c-bet large because if I had bet say .50 on the flop and he had called (which he might have done with a variety of hands), I don't think that I would really know where I stood, and then would be stuck in the SB playing 'follow the leader' (him). If I checked on the flop, and he bet, again I would really have no idea where I stood. As he is aggressive, I expected him to bet in a situation like that with any two.

      Was my thinking logical?
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    • BogdanPS
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      Was this a live game or online?

      As played we should re-raise larger for pure value and not to give him great odds.

      I would make at least $1 OOP vs someone like him (so 10 BB).

      I think that betting that big on the flop is a mistake. You are isolating yourself against a stronger range of most Ax or better. By betting smaller hands like Qx or draws can call.

      So I would normally bet something like 60c or even check back the flop and play turn/river (if we have more info on villain).