[NL20-NL50] NL50 - J9s cbetting?

    • Farmarchist
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      How standard is my cbet here with bdfd? He has 1/1 raisecbet on very small sample so far. He looks like a reg, no better info.

      I'm not sure about my cbet. If he is always playing back Ax it's bad right? Obv I can barrel lot of turns etc but his range is full of mid PP too.

      Ow I also was considering floating or raising his check/raise because he would pbb just call midPP and could x/raise Ax as bluff so only KK+ or sth makes sense and normally I don't rly give unknown credit for not 4betting it. So would u play back and in what way?

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      BTN: $50.00
      SB: $53.15
      BB: $156.41
      UTG: $55.40
      MP: $88.28
      Hero (CO): $68.37

      Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is CO with 9 :heart: J :heart:
      1 fold, MP raises to $1.50, Hero raises to $4.75, 3 folds, MP calls $3.25

      Flop: ($10.25) 5 :spade: 4 :diamond: 3 :heart: (2 players)
      MP checks, Hero bets $5, MP raises to $13.50, Hero folds
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    • w34z3l
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      Hey Farmarchist,

      We are lacking all the crucial info required to analyse this situation.

      First it's really relevant with which range he reaches the flop. You can use a combination of Ft3bet and 4bet-range for this, along with PFR from MP.

      Given no information I'd assume that MP is very strong when he flats 3bet OOP. If you thought he was a fish you wouldn't be 3betting J9s in the first place. He can have a bunch of big pairs that he slowplayed + some strong Ax. He may also extend his PP range slightly since you are slightly deep.

      Vs this range I'd just give up immediately on the flop. I don't see any sense in barreling into a strong range even with a back-door. Even if villain raises flop very often, if it's in a spot where he gets to the flop only with a tight range, that stat loses a lot of its meaning.
    • Farmarchist
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      Thanks I agree :)