hi !
im working on my pf atm . openraising ranges + defending ranges should be covered by the seminar i hope :-)

i watched the video from mbml . and i liked i very much.


played a bit around with ranges and it makes a lot of sense 4 me. for those who havent seen it. he came up with a formular.

raise first in stat of a certain opponent from a certain position multiply with 25% -35% (depending if u are oop or ip and if it is a good opponent or a bad one) equals your 3b range.
eg. villain opens on the CO 30% x 30% so a good 3b range would be 9%

and dependending how much he folds to 3b u get the ratio of bluffs and value hands.

so in the exapmple avove. lets say he folds 70% to 3b in that position means that ur bluf / value ratio should be 70/30. (6,3% bluffs / 2,7% Value) . which looks really good to me.

but now im wondering which hands u should include in ur bluff ranges. IP and oop . what are the pros and cons of different hand categories. like offsuit A , broadways, pocket pairs , suited A , suited connectors? so i have noticed that different people also prefer different handcategories.

whats ur thoughts about it?
what do u think about this formular as a guideline in generall?
what would ur bluff 3betting range IP, OOP look like in the above example?
also vs different villains who 4b/f or call a lot ?