Auto import and hud not working after restore and new DB

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    • netsrak
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      Your auto-import and archive folder configuration is wrong and will not work. Import and archive folders must not be in the same folder hierarchie and no archive folder must be configured as auto-import folder.

      Please delete all the configured auto-import folders from the HM auto-import.

      Please create a new folder c:\stars.hh.
      Configure your stars client to write english handhistories into this folder.
      Add this folder to the HM auto-import folders and choose a different archive folder (default c:\hmarchive).
    • Whysoseriouz
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      thank you for reply.

      Did exactly as you said, but still have same problem.

      Got response by email from support saying


      - holdemmanager

      - hmimport

      - hmhud

      - all of the easyhook, blitz.dll files and the stars/stars inject files in the hm program files folder - - For windows firewall, you will have to type in the names of these files.

      - pokerstars.exe and pokerstarsupdate.exe files

      - postgres and pg_ctl files from postgres\bin

      to your exceptions in your firewall and antivirus.

      Make sure all are running as administrator."

      Did everything and still have same problem.

      - I have windows firewall and defender OFF

      - I use Norton and have included all exceptions (i had most of them already)

      - All running as admin except .dll files
    • Whysoseriouz
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      Re-checked everything and found out HH folder in pokersite had not been selected correctly.

      Changed it and now hud and auto import works.

      Thank you for your help!

      oh and gave you some positive feedback! :f_biggrin: