Greetings from the Netherlands

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      Hello everyone,
      A long while ago I signed up with the intention of becoming an active member, when RL interfered as I took ill and needed time to recover.

      Then when I finally was able to try and play again I signed up on a different website (Dutch), got everything set inlcuding playing on Full Tilt with a rake back option (when I first started out I had no idea what that meant) and before I even got to enjoy the return in my modest investment pretty much all gaming sites were banned from the Netherlands.

      Recent years (2011+) things have changed somewhat, when the dutch court ruled that poker was not a game of chance and thus a permit was not required. The ruling is being challenged in a new trial, but in the mean time ban is no longer in place.

      I'm not fully able to translate all that's going on, but currently it's being investigated whether or not ruling against poker/banning it and taxing it as a game of chance isn't against our constitutional right to earn income from sport or hobby. That all depends whether the higher courts will rule whether or not it's a game of chance or game of skill.

      There is a lot more going on, but in a nutshell this is it. So in the mean time I'm trying to play as much as I am able, just getting tired of crappy jobs not paying well, the increased pressure of doing a hell lot more for a significant cut in pay, the list goes on and on.

      I'm not looking to get filthy rich, I just want something that pays more than €8,50 an hour in a highly stressed working environment.

      I learned 5 draw poker when I was very young. We used to play for cents and I always lost, because I was too easy to read. My stepdad taught us how to play poker, but we weren't very good at it. Things kind of turned for the worst and from that moment on poker really wasn't something any of us would mention at a family dinner.

      For now I like to focus on the 2NL and slowly work my way up. I have played a few hundred hands already and I'm basicly still close to the same amount I had - made some silly mistakes, raised too often or too much or didn't want to fold pretty picture cards >.< I'm not bust so that's a good thing and I have learned from my mistakes so I hope things will go better as I carefully move up the ladder.

      I also gotten myself some poker books, but never used them until now because of what has happened in our country the last couple of years. The books are:

      Small Stakes Hold 'em (Sklansky, Miller, Malmuth)
      Hold 'em Poker (for advanced players) (Sklansky, Malmuth)
      Winning Low Limit hold 'em (Lee Jones)

      And that's all she wrote.

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    • Roachor
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      Nice introduction :) sounds like a good intro for a blog ? :)

      tbh I don't think they will ban poker in our country but with Rutte nothing is sure anymore... They will prolly increase tax on poker income to 80%, everything is possible with those 'graaiers' at the top.

      Making mistakes are not bad if you recognize them and learn from them :) You keep learning and learning and learning and it never seems enough (and in poker its never enough hehe).

      I would suggest just leaving the books for what they are now and first study all the articles on this site (you know we have a dutch section right ? :) ) and watch a few video's. I find watching a video and making some notes is better for me than study a book but that's all personal preference.

      Wish you more luck on the tables than me ! :-)

      oh yeah. Sometimes it feel that all the effort we put into this game is all for nothing if you see fish hitting everything and your br gets smaller and smaller.. don't let that upset you! In the long run we are the winners! (hopefully! ;) )
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      Hi there Francisca and welcome to our lovely community!

      Now, since I can see you are already silver status, there are so many more articles and videos and things available to you.
      There is also the No Limit Beginners Course you can join for free. Just click the link at he bottom of this post for more information - it's easy to spot, it's the realy big green link iwth NL Beginners Course on it! :D

      Also, post lots of hands in the hand evaluation forums for our hand judges to look at and they will give you expert advice about how to play. Just post any hands that made you stop and think hmmm, what should I do here? :)
      Here is the link for how to post hands into the forums:

      Now what else, oh yes; how about, as already suggested by Roachor, you start blog in our blogging forum 'your Poker Blogs'? Discussing your progress in a blog means you're not on your own and it's a great [and fun] way to meet other like-minded players. Here's the link in case you decide you'd like to make a blog;

      That should keep you going for a while but there is anything else you need to know, just ask and we'll see what we can do.

      Have fun,

    • Fr4nR
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      Thanks for the welcome guys.

      @ Roachor
      I'm considering blogging about it :) Specially since I'm going to invest the majority of my spare time into it. I currently work part time (until business picks up and I am 'awarded' more hours - it's basically a 0 hour contract and it sucks - but I still have a roof over my head).

      I also don't think they'll ban poker, but as you mentioned I'm sure they'll tax it absurdly. well, then I might just have to migrate somewhere tax friendlier ;) We dutch are already one of the heavier taxed people and Rutte really is pushing it. And yeah too many greedy poachers at the top. Not a friendly climate at all.

      I'll follow your suggestions and focus more on the lessons at the website. I've seen the Dutch parts, thanks :) I do feel that I've learned a lot already since the books I read in are suddenly making a whole lot more sense haha. And yes video's help - I really like the video's - though I didn't like the fact I kept getting half vids because I wasn't high ranked enough - OTOH it made me play more hands just to unlock more vids haha.

      @ Mal

      Yes, I saw the beginner course. I wanted to do that before but wasn't allowed yet because I was at the basic rank. I will definitely give it my best go.

      I lost a lot of hands because I didn't realize I had to turn on 'saving hands localy'. And when I ticked it on, and played the next day it was off again - I'm guessing the settings are per room or 770poker is making me turn it on every time I log on. It's definitely something I will do - I did have quite a few hands I didn't know what to do with ... mostly post flop.

      I also will check out the blog section here and see if I can't get something started :) Thanks for the links!

      Best to you,
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      netherlands huh, put away the weed before you play and your win rate will immediately improve. no more playing on drugs