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abused at pokerstars

    • DAIMA2
      Joined: 12.04.2011 Posts: 60
      i play at pokerstars fixed limit holdem sit and go from 3,5 to 60 dollars
      a lot of times i am abused from various opponents as stupid die idiot etc ecpecially when i win
      when i report that to chatpokerstars the reply is sorry and we will take the apropriate actions and if i insist they reply generally that players that dont chat well loose the privilege to chat for some time
      also they tell me to stop the chat but i dont want to stop the chat for all because 95% off opponents dont abuse and if i am abused and then stop the chat it is late
      also they tell me to call the chat moderator reporting briefly what happened
      but because my mother language are not english i wll make about 2 -3 minutes to do that and the game is continuing
      last time and i can write and the name off the opponent things were worse
      his words die idiot and at the next hand i will fuck your greek mom
      i want pls to reply if for these behaviour the only action is to stop the chat to this player
      some people when they are abused that way perhaps they dont continue to play as before
      also this is crime these words and this behaviour and i want a reply if you know because pokerstars dont really make nothing, to tell me if there is an organisation that can go there and report and if people had sue the opponent and i dont know and the pokersite not only the pokerstars but which ever and also if they had asked money for being so strongly abused
      so now i want to make 2 suggestions
      whichever abuses another one at a turnament (the world fish i dont know)
      but with words as stupid die idiot fuck you etc at the end of the turnament if he wins to lose his wins and the money to go to the other players
      all we are abused to give the names somewhere and if possible nobody to play with them again
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    • Roachor
      Joined: 03.01.2010 Posts: 357
      If people call you names just think " yeah he's tilting, im pwning his face!". the best part is that those people will usually make 'stupid' playes just to get you back! easy moneyz!

      I used to rage and say names whenever I got a bad beat... made me sad panda.
    • VaskataBuci
      Joined: 08.08.2011 Posts: 2,438
      Hi Greek friend! That's why the poker is so interesting game. Try to find out how to deal with and benefit from those people.
    • mktpppr
      Joined: 18.07.2010 Posts: 1,307
      just block all chat, you dont really need it, you can tell when someone's tilting without chat

      it will help you focus on your own game, especially if you're multi-tabling

      once you become better at dealing with abuse so that it doesnt affect you, then you can unblock chat
    • DAIMA2
      Joined: 12.04.2011 Posts: 60
      thanks for your answers
      the problem is not if you win with this or loose or if i must clse the chat or not
      think that you go to a land casino and an opponent was talking to you so
      it was ok for you after that, if the supervisor told him not to chat there for 5 or more days and only this?
      because we are at internet whichever wants can abuse without almost any problem?
      at last i sent a report to department of justice and to the gamming comiision at isle of man where is PS
    • dogma18
      Joined: 08.12.2009 Posts: 340
      Hmm so you would go to the effort of sending a report to the dept. of justice but not just turn off chat. Tbh i have special offensive words i use usually depending on where the opponent is from.

      Now if from Greece of course its usually along the lines of the EU bailout. But i've also resorted to calling an Australian an inbred and if from Ukraine i make some reference to Chechnya.

      We all get angry so whats wrong with a bit of racist venting :D
    • Gentari
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 344
      I think there will always be a level of anger in the chat as people are beaten, either through their own play or from guys getting lucky. I do feel that if you are going to play a game for 18+ then expect some strong language.

      The problem comes from persistent abuse, I would not be happy with this and would report it, I must say I have yet to encounter something bad enough that I would resort to writing a report to Gaming Authorities.

      If you feel you are being made a target of specific and prolonged abuse then report it. Taking screen shots or copy/pasting the chat should bring a response from PokerStars as they in the past have had the best customer service (at least when dealing with collusion).

      Good Luck :)
    • jbpatzer
      Joined: 22.11.2009 Posts: 6,955
      I usually type ^^ into the chat box. This produces a little giggling yellow face, which I believe tilts them even more. You have to mentally mentally translate 'Die you fucker. Get cancer. I will kill you and your parents and your children.' into 'I am a complete retard who lives with his mother and smells of haddock, and I'm about to donate lots of $$$$ to you.'

      Works for me. :f_cool: