Taxation Questions - Czech Republic

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      I'm from Sweden but I am about to move to Prague and I have a few questions on taxes in Czech Republic.

      First of all, let's assume the following, (these numbers are just examples)
      I will stay longer than 6 months in Czech Republic
      I will contact the Swedish Authorities and relocate my address the day I leave Sweden
      I will make 1000€ per month from internet marketing
      I will make another 1000€ per month from playing poker professionaly

      Now, how much, and for what exactly do I need to pay taxes?

      Internet Marketing without a company, does that count as self-employment? if so, what taxes are associated with this? Social, Income and Medicare taxes? or is it just Income Tax?

      With poker winnings, am I required to tax these? I've been told it's a bit of a grey zone and basically no1 pays poker taxes but that's all I know. Might I get in trouble in the future for not declaring my poker winnings?

      My plan is to setup a local bank account, withdraw all my poker winnings directly from the pokersite to this bank account without declaring or paying taxes. Then I will withdraw all the internet marketing income from moneybookers to the same bank account, and only pay taxes on the moneybookers income? Or is there a better way of doing this?

      to simplify things
      Pokersite 1000€/month - withdraw to CZ bank account.
      Moneybookers (IM) 1000€/month - withdraw to CZ bank account and pay x % taxes on 1000€ every month.
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