Can't access to my pokerstars account on my iPad

    • mwatola
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      I've got a problem with my pokerstars account on my iPad . I downloaded the software but I can't login to my account . If that's the message I'm getting when I'm trying to login . Could anyone help me out ? I bought my iPad in the uk but my apsstore account is from previous place of residence- Poland . Thanks a lot for any help
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      Hey mwatola,

      Have you spoken to PokerStars support? I'd send them an email and ask them what the issue is with your inability to log in :)

      Hopefully there is a simple mistake here and it can be solved very swiftly.

      Kind regards,
    • Banjostring
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      yeah, for some reason there is a block on using this app in poland. i live in uk and use the app regularly, however, whenever im in poland i cant. i emailed ps support and they just said that i was unable to use in poland. maybe delete your appstore account and open a new one here in uk, re-download the app and you should be good to go. still won't be able to use it in poland though.
      hope this helps