[NL2-NL10] nl5 AQ zoom

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    • kymupa
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      I don't really mind folding if you don't feel comfortable calling in this spot.
      Usually, I would call here and play postflop.

    • Raknyo
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      I don't feel too confident calling here against unknown. I have started choosing to believe the relative strength of unknown's bets until I have reason otherwise (by which point their not unknowns).

      Obviously as both yours and my own skill increases in the future, we will be able to confidently call and play profitably post-flop.

      I'm nearly always calling with AK to 3-bet so working on AQ seems like a logical step in the near future.

      Will just need to ensure that post-flop we fold correctly when beat. I guess that is just folding versus too much aggression when playing against an unknown.

      Will be interesting to see the slight progression of my strategy after working on adding hands into my 3-bet call range.

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention! :)