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Small step forward (NL10)

    • Reiver
      Joined: 26.03.2008 Posts: 53
      Hi, I am not new to, but this is going to be my first blog. I saw many people starting blogs and I think that helps to stick to your goals and also get some opinions about your play so here it is.


      I’m playing poker for few years, tried a little bit of cash, tourneys and sng’s mainly NLHE. At first I played sit n goes and did quite well, was building my BR and having a great time, but that had to end, because I couldn’t always sit at computer as long as I wanted and sometimes even had to sit out while I’m still at the table. That obviously was –EV, especially when I was multitabling.
      So I decided I need to learn to play cash, mainly because of that you can sit out whenever you have to and don’t worry that you wouldn’t be able to finish a game (of course sometimes you have to leave huge donators, but that’s better than sitting out before the bubble…). Also cash is more common in home games I play, so some experience playing cash online was nice. I started from NL2 and went to NL16. But that had to stop because I've finished my bachelor degree and started to work. At first I couldn’t find time to play poker, but now when I got used to a normal work day schedule I think it’s time to play some poker again.

      Things I have to work on:

      When I started to work I cashed out almost all my BR. I left some $ because I really got used to playing poker and knew that sometimes even while being tired I will want to play few hands. There was one problem with that. Because I played mainly for getting relaxed and due to lack of action I started playing more hands, bigger pots, flipping ant etc. (all the things fish does usually and all the things form which every other decent poker player builds his BR). Even worse, when losing some BI, I would go on tilt and climb limits to win my losses back faster (I know how it sounds…). So while I still have some $ I decided that it’s time to end that and start playing normal poker again.
      I played at PS (because I really like software and player pool is huge) but a few weeks ago I’ve got email from FTP that says they are giving me diamond edge for 3 months. I know playing NL10 rakeback isn’t very big, but it is a best deal at good poker room that I can get playing these limits I think, so I transferred 200$ to FTP from PS and cashed out everything else. This is because I think one of the most important things in poker is BRM (bankroll management), even if I won’t play poker all day, just few hours after work.

      Goals for now:

      :spade: Play only NL10 NLHE 6max
      :spade: Reach 320$ - 20BI for NL16
      :spade: Update this blog

      To make this pots not so dry I would like to introduce you to one game for mobile phones I found, in wich you are playing as shark and start from eating small fish to later even other sharks. I think its kinda similar to what I and I think most of you would like to achieve at poker :s_cool:

      Its free to play and I don't get any credit for introducing this game so by just talking about it and showing you teaser on youtube I hope I won't break any forum rules :f_grin:

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    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi Reiver and welcome to the blogs section at last, where have you been hiding! :D

      You do seem to be very organsied so let's hope this works for you and you get a lot of help and advice.

      Have fun,

    • Reiver
      Joined: 26.03.2008 Posts: 53
      *** Small update ***

      Wasn't able to play poker previous week, because of a bussy shedule before holidays. I thought I would play poker on the weekend, but my friends invited me to go fishing, so I thought this is such a nice spring, why I shouldn't enjoy good company, warm sun and crystal clear lake water? So I left my computer at home, took my swimming suit and went to the lake :f_biggrin:

      I think I should mention that spring is a bit late in our country, so everything was little diferent... :f_confused:

      It was really nice weekend, sadly there were less fish than at poker tables and we cought just five really small ones, but besides that it was really fun :f_cool:

      I hope I will be able to start playing poker today and finally post some graphs and hands :f_grin: