State of poker after 3 years of inactivity

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      Hi all,

      I've been out of the online poker scene since December 2009. Lately I've been playing more live games and that's given me a poker itch that's begging to be scratched :f_cool:

      I was a moderately successful FL player and an okay SNG player. On this site I was at Platinum level (almost hit Diamond!). Got up to the $1/$2 FLSH tables before I hit a downswing and cashed out :f_o: - I built up my roll from the initial $50 + $100 Pokerstrategy starting capital.

      Given that the online poker economy was sort of slashed in half with the absence of Americal players after Black Friday; is it still as soft & profitable as it was in 2009?

      I like all types of poker (but especially MTTs and STTs) and I'm considering depositing $100 and taking it form there. Probably at one of the Microgaming or iPoker skins.

      Anyway, just looking for your views on how things have changed since I was last here and what I can expect.

      My goal is to get to a low/mid level stake that'll create a bankroll large enough to comfortable enter some bigger MTTs as few things are more exiting than winning a prize big enough to pay for a holiday to the Maldives :f_love: Not looking for a poker career, just a lucrative hobby.

      Edit: Hope this is the right forum :P

      Edit#2: Does PS still give second starting capitals of $50 + $100? I got a few but the last one was at the end of 2011 and I didn't use it.
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      Hey Ejeckt,

      Welcome back to Poker and of course to

      Yes, the games have changed since 2009. In most cases the games have got tougher to beat as the average player skill has increased. The micros are still soft and profitable but the edges are definitely smaller than in 2009.

      As for differences it's hard to comment really. Just deposit and see for yourself is the best I can offer.

      Choosing the right poker room for you is a thread you should visit and post in if you are looking for the best possible room to play at that fit your circumstances :)

      Our marketing team still send out random e-mails containing free money offers but they are no longer $50.

      Hope this was helpful,