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Graduate with $150 in the Cash Game Academy

    • Andreas
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      Cash Game Academy

      Earn Up to $150 in Cash Rewards

      Enroll in Titan Poker's Cash Game Academy from January 01 - 31 and become a winning cash game player.

      Follow their strategic guidelines to becoming a winning player at the cash tables and use this knowledge to earn yourself Cash Game Academy diplomas. For every diploma earned you are guaranteed $1 in cash (up to 150 diplomas).

      But that's not all! For every 5 diplomas that you earn Titan Poker will reward you with 1 FREE diploma.

      How does it work?

      Diplomas can be achieved by winning hands at 3 different cash game stake levels:

      Stake LevelWinning Hands Required Per DiplomaLeaderboards
      0.01/0.02 - 0.02/0.05300Check your status
      0.05/0.10200Check your status
      0.10/0.20150Check your status

      But before you run with the tables please make sure you opt-in first:

      Become a winning cash game player

      When learning to become a good player you need to start from the small stakes and work yourself up as your game gets better.

      Tips to help you win more hands quickly and collect many diplomas:
      • Multi-tabling: Start with 2 tables and add additional tables when you see fit.
      • Aggression factor: Playing aggressively at the tables allows you to be active in many more hands and can win you a lot more pots.
      • Player stats: Playing longer sessions with the same opponents will give you a better understanding of their playing tendencies by taking notes on their actions. These can give you an edge over your opponents at the tables.

      Collect up to $150 worth of diplomas!

      Terms & Conditions
      1. Players are required to opt in to this promotion in order to be eligible for prizes.

      2. $1 in cash will be awarded for every diploma earned by a player during this promotion. The maximum amount of diplomas that a player will be compensated for is 150.

      3. Diplomas are earned by winning hands at real money cash games, according to the stake levels as listed in the table.

      4. Players will receive their cash prizes up to 72 hours after the promotion has ended.

      5. Players will be rewarded with five free diplomas for every 10 diplomas that they earn. The amount of free diplomas to be awarded will be calculated at the end of the promotion.

      6. Players will only be compensated for whole numbers of diplomas.

      For example: if a player achieved 890 winning hands at the 0.05/0.10 stake level, he will only receive 4 diplomas as he needs to achieve a further 110 winning hands to qualify for an additional diploma.

      7. In addition to receiving a diploma for a qualifying number of winning hands, players are required to generate at least 30 Titan Points per diploma, in order to receive the $1 cash reward.

      Titan Points do not necessarily have to be earned at cash tables.

      8. Heads up cash games do not count towards this promotion.

      9. Players caught soft playing or colluding for the sole purpose of abusing this promotion, will have their accounts frozen and will not be eligible for prizes won in this promotion.

      10. Titan Poker has the right to amend/ cancel this promotion anytime.

      11. All decisions made by Titan Poker management are final.

      Titan Poker's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

      If you do not have a Titan Poker account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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