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Battle of the Donkeys August 10th

    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356

      Details on the Principle of Battle of the Donkeys here: Battle of the Donkeys: Guide & Rules (Last Update: June 26th)

      Qualified for the admin teams but not yet confirmed: Kelekin

      Qualified for the Donkey unleashed team but not yet confirmed: Vesolc, BuchoCZ

      Team SoyCD

      1) SoyCD - NittyNinja
      2)cannell 555 - Stievro
      3) Njord41 - njord41
      4) Velak - DreamSpectre
      5) Hlynkinn - Hlynkinn

      Team TribunCaesar

      1)TribunCaesar - TribunCaesar
      2)Termi8r - GooiMielies
      3)theDahl - rhondadahl
      4)Cakara - Qsuicide
      5) NRGBlaze - NRG.Blaze

      Donkeys Unleashed

      1) swissmoumout - swissheep
      2) urmo1 - urmovel
      3) Alex147Eddie - Eddie147Alex
      4) FrozenRope - Irishrope
      5) BuchoCZ - BuchoCZ

      The Community Team

      All members that are not in on the two official teams - yet signed up for the event are part of the "Community Team" and can move up to the Admin team next week if they place highly enough. Aside from buying in for the tournament themselves - users that do not have sufficient bank-roll to buy-in for the tournament - will also have the chance to get a spot in the community team via special back-deal tickets. These tickets will be given away via promotions and giveaways. Users that win these tickets can therefore also qualify for the admin teams even if they don't have the needed bankroll for playing $11 MTTs.

      List of other Members Participating (Updated as Thread is posted in)
      -bender834 - slasky35(staked by TribunCaesar)
      -Chiller3k - Chiller3k
      -overbe -
      -finchybg - finchybg
      -Roxylein - Roxylein (staked by TribunCaesar)
      -Jordgubban - Jordgubban
      -fostieh - fostieh
      - Sirilidion - Sirilidion
      - ForTexi - ForTexi (staked by SoyCD)
      - Dippy19 - Dippo
      - bah22 - bah23
      - Timukasr - Timukasr1
      - Zeffke - Zeffke
      - SharkySmurf - SharkySmurf
      - awishformore - awishformore
      - independente - boss-0-playa
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