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Tired of crappy 0-hours contracts

    • Fr4nR
      Joined: 03.02.2009 Posts: 13
      Hello everyone,
      I'm a half Dutch Half Indonesian poker nut, hailing from the Netherlands. I've worked various jobs, none that pay well and on top of that things are really slowing down right now. My employer mentioned it should pick up half April, but until then I'm going to spend as much time as I can in playing poker online.

      I'm going to aim for normal working hours, roughly 8-10 hours daily, and aiming for 70+ hours weekly.

      I allow myself to add €20 to my BR as an investment each month, should I bust.

      I want to follow the MSS guide as closely as I can, and also start the beginner course.

      My aim is not to become filthy rich, but have at least €10+ per hour (I commonly earn roughly €8,50 an hour with the 0-hour contracts I have. It's not much but pays the bills).

      I want to play well enough to receive my bonus from Poker770 (It's a lot of points, so it will be a challenge at the NL2 where I am right now).

      I need to move up to a higher stake, NL4 hopefully well before end of April.

      For those interested some background:

      I learned 5cd poker when I was very young. We had this big cookie jar filled with cents. Every time we played we divided it among us 3+ and play for hours. I usually lost, not very patient and tilting alot :) Plus, I was not gifted with a pokerface and too easy to read.

      My stepdad taught us how to improve our poker, because we weren't very good at it. Things kind of turned for the worst and from that moment on poker really wasn't something any of us would mention at a family dinner. In fact any sort of gambling was pretty much forbidden in the house.

      My interest in poker re-ignited around 2009, when my husband started playing for fun at Full Tilt Poker and began to watch some ongoing championships on tv.

      Then a period of silence due to legality issues of poker in my country and recently I started to become interested again when I watched old Starcraft II tournements on team liquid website - a tournement sponsored by PokerStrategy no less :) I remembered having signed up on the website and began reading the beginner (basic) lessons.

      For now I like to focus on the 2NL and slowly work my way up. I have played a few hundred hands already and I'm basicly still close to the same amount I had - made some silly mistakes, raised too often or too much or didn't want to fold pretty picture cards >.< I'm not bust so that's a good thing and I have learned from my mistakes so I hope things will go better as I carefully move up the ladder.

      I also gotten myself some poker books, but never used them until now because of what has happened in our country the last couple of years. The books are:

      Small Stakes Hold 'em (Sklansky, Miller, Malmuth)
      Hold 'em Poker (for advanced players) (Sklansky, Malmuth)
      Winning Low Limit hold 'em (Lee Jones)

      Thanks for reading.

      Best regards,
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    • CptCap
      Joined: 18.03.2013 Posts: 98
      Hey Fransisca, awesome story!

      Will follow your achievements and will try to help you every now and then, where I can! :)

      Couple of questions, how many tables do you play and why won't you try BSS?
      Do you play with stats?
      What kind of job do you have at this moment?
    • Fr4nR
      Joined: 03.02.2009 Posts: 13
      Hey CaptCap, glad you liked the story.

      Currently I play 3 tables, NL2 and I am just about now going to try the BSS. That means though, that the first couple of hours or maybe a few days that I will limit myself to one table again until I get a full grip on the BSS chart.

      No stats yet, but do use SideKick and Equilab from PS pokertools.

      Currently I'm working at a copyshop, and once in a blue moon I'm a security officer during certain events (usually weekends, long days, pays pretty good but it doesn't happen often).
    • CptCap
      Joined: 18.03.2013 Posts: 98
      Ah nice and where exactly do you live in the Netherlands? My family has a security company over there, what's the name of yours?

      Do you use the pokerstrategy charts? I might advice you to watch some coachings/vids about openingcharts, instead of the standard charts given by Pokerstrategy.
      Have you seen the Hasenbraten video series, a must-see for you imo! ;)
      I believe this is the text version of it, very useful!!

      First part of the video-series:
    • Fr4nR
      Joined: 03.02.2009 Posts: 13
      Just finished a session of 7+ hours playing 235 hands (most often 2 tables or less). Lost a few €'s - I was playing too many Aces with a low kicker.

      Worst was the last move. I lost patience and just wanted a few extra cts so I would end up with €40. Instead, I'm down to €36

      One of those horrible hands I dared play and just went tilt overboard. I'm posting it so I remember to never ever do this again.

      Known Players:
      UTG3: €2.00 - 100 bb
      MP1: €1.56 - 78 bb
      MP2: €1.00 - 50 bb
      MP3: €1.83 - 92 bb
      CO: €6.48 - 324 bb
      BU: €1.73 - 87 bb
      SB: €0.74 - 37 bb
      BB: €2.12 - 106 bb

      0.01/0.02 No Limit Hold'em (8 Handed)
      Hand recorder for this hand: SideKick 1.1.319.3

      Preflop: Hero is MP1 with K:heart: , 2:spade:
      SB posts small blind (€0.01), BB posts big blind (€0.02), MP2 posts penalty big blind (€0.02), UTG3 folds, Hero calls, MP2 checks, 2 folds, BU calls, SB folds, BB checks

      Flop: (€0.09 - 4.50 bb) A:club: , K:diamond: , 5:spade: (4 Players)
      BB checks, Hero bets €0.06, MP2 folds, BU calls, BB folds

      Turn: (€0.21 - 10.50 bb) 7:diamond: (2 Players)
      Hero checks, BU bets €0.08, Hero raises for €0.16, BU calls

      River: (€0.53 - 26.50 bb) 4:diamond: (2 Players)
      Hero bets €0.39, BU raises for €1, Hero calls and is all in, BU calls

      I'm also reconsidering drinking coffee. Maybe I should stick with something less intense like tea. >.<

      Ah well, time for a walk and a cool down. Tomorrow another day.
    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 11,420
      Hi Fr4nR

      Welcome to the blogging section!

      Nice "Oops! Hand"

      "I lost patience and just wanted a few extra cts so I would end up with €40. "

      If I had back all the money I lost trying to get a few more cents to quit with a certain total...


      I now play until a certain number of hands, a certain time, or my wife calls and says supper's ready.

      All the best,
    • Fr4nR
      Joined: 03.02.2009 Posts: 13
      @ CaptCap
      Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out :)

      @ VS

      Thanks for the welcome. I see that going for a certain amount to stop playing for the day isn't the way to go :) I just have to let go of that and play and not worry so much about how many BI's I'm gaining or losing.

      I really just want to get as many hands in as possible. Though there will be a few breaks.

      Friday evening we'll have a little get together with friends and those gatherings are always a lot of fun. Would be good to have something to do that isn't poker :)
    • Fr4nR
      Joined: 03.02.2009 Posts: 13
      Back in my hometown, renewing my passport. When I park my car at cityhall the wiper of my backwindow breaks off with lots of showers predicted.

      I'm not superstitious, but when things hit me in sequence I do start to wonder what else can go wrong.

      Back home. Lost important papers, can't get my older pc to start (and too lazy to unpack my laptop).

      Calling friends to visit. No one answers.

      Well, before this crap morning continues I think I'll have a cup of coffee.

      Tonight we celebrate with 20+ friends, that are part of the witch community - no wiccans, more pagan based I guess with Celtic influences. Tonight we celebrate Ostara. It's always a good time, good food and drinks. We all bring some, so it's always a surprise what we'll be eating/drinking.

      No alchohol for me though, I'm the designated driver for tonight. No need to drink to have fun.

      In the mean time I might just play a few rounds to pass the time. I also want to post the 3 questions for the beginner course. I'm a bit conflicted however, since the beginner course covers BSS and I'm still very comfy cuddling the MSS. We'll see how it goes. I kind of feel that my BR isn't big enough for BSS, and I already see it melting away with the €2 buyins.