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Starting off again, a challange to reach 1000$

    • bogstratos
      Joined: 22.05.2012 Posts: 161
      Hi everyone, I'm Bogdan and I'm starting off a new blog and a new challange. I had a blog here that I abandoned because I failed to reach my goals and I stopped playing poker for a while. You can find more stuff about me in my old blog if you are interested at all, so I'm not going to make this much longer.

      After I stopped blogging I realised that I am weak and that my happiness relies way too much on results, in poker and in stuff that happens irl. I am capable of being very determined and putting my hardest work in for a short while, but if something bad happens I just go on a mental downswing and I stop caring much about anything, so I end up failing at poker.

      Right now I am not very sure what my approach to this problem should be, I just know that I don't want to give up poker and that I wanna have an awesome life like other blog posters here have. I don't have an impressive back story like others, I don't have the mental discipline or the poker skills, but I do know what I want and I'll do my best from now on to get where I want, because I want it bad.

      Right now there's only 75$ to my name on FT, but I'm planning to turn it into 1000$ by the end of the summer. Alongside my poker challange I will also have to study for the BAC final exam @high school, and try to get into a good university. Even though some of you say that going to uni is not the most +EV life decision, I'm trying to get into one of the best in the country and should my poker plans fail, I will have something good enough to fall back on.

      I always liked this sort of goal lists for some reason so here it goes:
      :club: Get to NL5 (100$)
      :club: Get to NL10 (250$)
      :club: Get to NL25 (750$)
      :club: Get a few h of coaching when i hit NL25 or if I feel that I can't beat NL10
      :heart: Get to the 1000$ milestone and start a $1k -> $10k challange :f_confused:
      :spade: I'll be playing 9 tables of NL2 and then moving on higher I'll start off at 6, so I should get at least 1k hands/day. Also, I'll have a go at rush/zoom when I feel better about my game.

      Missed some things maybe but I'll come back to them later. Thanks a lot for reading!
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    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      Nobody has the poker skills and mindset when they begin.

      Plan B is just an excuse to not give Plan A your absolute max!

      LE: Btw, did you know the best Uni in Romania kind of sucks? :D I'm obv very biased against standard educational system and in RO it's among the worst plus Uni needs solid reasoning to attend. Choose which is best for you but keep in mind that splitting your effort between many disctinctive goals will unable you to give your absolute best to any of them.