[NL2-NL10] TPTK 3bet bot vs tight reg, river decision

    • pokerferrer
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      I don't think it is profitable to isolate my hand preflop. Plus I have to balance my 3bet-call.
      The turn is so ugly. And the river decision is so hard. Actually I beat only bluffs.
      Which line on turn/river is the best do you think? And his river agg freq is really low... :(

      Is it profitable to catch here bluffs or AK?

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      SB ($12.68)
      BB ($12.71)
      UTG ($4)
      Hero ($17.23)
      CO ($15.11)
      BTN ($12.69)

      Dealt to Hero K:diamond: A:heart:

      fold, Hero raises to $0.30, fold, fold, fold, BB raises to $1, Hero calls $0.70

      FLOP ($2.05) 8:spade: 3:club: A:diamond:

      BB bets $1, Hero calls $1

      TURN ($4.05) 8:spade: 3:club: A:diamond: Q:club:

      BB bets $2.10, Hero calls $2.10

      RIVER ($8.25) 8:spade: 3:club: A:diamond: Q:club: 6:club:

      BB bets $5.50, Hero calls $5.50
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    • pokerferrer
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      Plus if his 3bet is polarised, he probably has many combination AcXc. So right now I think the call is awful.
      The question is: Is it possible to fold turn here?
    • CptCap
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      He 3bets 17% v steals in the BB, cbets 75% in 3bet pots and has a 9,5 turn AF..
      Don't you think that would be a very tight fold?

      Do you only include A :club: x :club: in his range + AQ?
      What else do you think he could bet the turn + river with?

      As played you should probably just call down
    • pokerferrer
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      CptCap, it's not a steal situation. That makes me think his range is even more polarized. Also he knows I'm not so wide from mp.
      Cmon guys, could you please check out the hand. I really doubt how to play such spot. :-(
      Right now I think 4bet call is much easier decision. But also I have to learn postflop. :)
    • pokerferrer
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    • BogdanPS
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      Why do we need to balance a 3-bet calling range at 10nl versus someone like him? Do you expect him to pay attention to your range enough to worry about a balanced range there?

      I think that calling is fine because we can't 4-bet/call as profitably against him with 127 BBs (although 4-bet/call wouldn't be a huge mistake).

      As played the river is a fold even if we are just to look at his stats on the river. However, even without the stats you rarely have any 10nl reg 3-barrel bluff on such a board in a 3-bet pot and there's nothing worse that they can valuebet.

      So you will lose here 99/100 times if not more.