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Poker Stars FPP/$ chart

    • Dippy19
      Joined: 04.12.2007 Posts: 1,347

      A few notes about this chart.
      • All prices are in Canadian $.
      • The last column is $/FPP in CENTS!
      • The chip set prices are from
      • The prices of the xbox, wii, and ps3 are based off canadian msrp.
      • The concierge service is based of the minimum values they quoted (so this may be different depending on the value of the item you want)
      • For the 70FPP and 210FPP, the $ value is based of pure mathematics, not skill.
        So the 70FPP tourny is a 10 seat, 1 winner (thus 10% chance, so $11*0.10=$1.1)
        The 210FPP tourny is a 20 seat, 6 winner (thus 30% chance, so $11*0.30=$3.30)
        So to decide between the two should depend on skill. If you are good at tournies, but suck at HU or short handed play, pick the 210 FPP tournies. If you are good at the short handed play, but bad at the opening of a tourny, pick the 70FPP tourny since it becomes short handed very quickly.

      • I did not include the values for the other electronics, many of them are worth much less than 1.6 cents per FPP, so its not worth it! Just buy a gift card then get it from a local store! Not a single piece of electronics was worth more than 1.6 cents. The closest was the 20" monitor at 1.58 cents/FPP.
      • The value of the porsche was 85,000 which is the CAD value for the car. Note that in the US the value is much less, so the $/FPP may not be the same.
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