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Ogre is in progress!

    • CptCap
      Joined: 18.03.2013 Posts: 98

      Right now I am eating some nice sandwiches.. means it's time to get myself a blog! Spotify is playing some ear-soothing tracks and my cold lemonade is waiting for me to take a sip... And ohyea, I just locked my chair so I can't lean back = all set! :)

      My pogre face!
      :facepalm: Pogre... really?
      *Can't post images yet, have yet to become bronze!

      Now what does Ogre have to do with me? Totally nothing!!! I was just thinking of a nice subject and suddenly noticed that the word progress, holds the word ogre. I bet nobody ever thought of this before :f_biggrin:

      Enough of this crappy intro!

      I'm not new to poker, neither am I new to a lot of (no)limits. Gone as far as NL5000, which was obviously a mistake and a long time ago. As for serious business I went up to NL50.
      Graph @ WPT
      I believe this was november + a bit december 2012.. Shorthanded btw.

      But unfortunately I found myself at higher stakes way too often, and thus donking away a lot.

      Time for measures has come!!

      and pretty rough ones this time.
      It is called NL2! :pokerface:

      It feels like a waste to have the qualities to steadily beat limits, but sometimes it just itches after a badday... having to build up over and over.

      That's why I decided to steadily build up to NL50 again and along this road helping out others on the same road; but without a past like mine!
      I will try to read some blogs about NL2-NL10 and help them out every now and then. I haven't done this before, so it's kind of a special twist for me as well! :)

      And oh, I have never posted hands before to discuss them; another "new" feature I am gonna use!


      I think that was pretty clear so far!
      For now.. if you have any questions, poker related or not, feel free to ask!
      Any other random stuff is fine too, maybe even better sometimes :D
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    • CptCap
      Joined: 18.03.2013 Posts: 98
      Going to 24 table pretty much all the time!
      My cashgame table-cap was increased to 27 by Pokerstars, so I guess they trust me with it.. means you guys, and I myself, could trust me as well :heart:

      I often take my laptop and sit down at some random public spaces like universities and just study poker + grind 8 tables (which is the highest amount pokerstars will Tile properly on my laptop! :P

      Just trying to get that iron-mindset along this road :s_evil:

      BTW, the handjudges on Pokerstrategy are so damn fast!! I can't even take the time to post a proper advice!
    • CptCap
      Joined: 18.03.2013 Posts: 98
      Alright, that was NL2 already!

      NL 2 Graph HERE

      Let's see what NL5 brings us in the next days! :rolleyes:
    • CptCap
      Joined: 18.03.2013 Posts: 98
      Oh and by the way another little reason to start all over, is that I am teaching poker to a friend of mine.

      I find it quiet hard to start at the very beginning and explain things step by step.

      Has any of you guys done this before?
      Trying to let him read articles and watching a video before he goes for a session; which I will be sweating.

      Perhaps some advice? :)