What do i do now?

    • jakedamansnake
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      Around a month ago i played a 24+2 tourney on the whim of a friend, and ended up placing 5th winning $1100

      Today my bankroll is still at $1150 and i am at a loss of where to go from here. I know i did not follow proper BRM when i won my money, and i fear i am not quite as experienced as i should be before treading into higher limits on a more consistent basis, but at the same time it is hard for me to play smaller games after winning as much as i did.

      Any suggestions as to what i should do?
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    • delete461
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      I dont think you should play higher limits just because you got lucky and have the bankroll for it, stick to limits you can beat. Maybe study some psychology articles
    • TimothyVdp1
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      start playing NL10
    • opal99
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      withdraw $900-$1000 and start with micros
    • Grimzor
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      I had similar experience, only instead of winning 1k i won just 350$. Still, it doubled my roll then and i moved up a limit - from NL10 to NL25. I had played NL10 with and was around break even, perhaps had little profit. I played NL25 carefully and was ready to move down if i lose couple buyins. It worked out for me and i didnt have to move down, got way more points than i used to, cleared my bonus. Even tho it worked for me i think it was kinda risky move. But then it was risk i was going to take.

      Now my bonus is cleared and after couple bad sessions of NL25 i decided to play SNGs a bit for a change. Since i hadnt play SNGs much before i decided to start with low buyin ones. And so i play SNGs with around 180BI BRM :D I must say i like this approach better, getting more confident i can beat this limit and only then moving up makes me feel safer and improves my game imo.
    • Deflowerer
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      Originally posted by opal99
      withdraw $900-$1000 and start with micros
    • curnow
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      nice to cash something in a tourney but check out the Bankrolll advice

      to become a winning player you need to find a level that you can beat or game you can beat do when you get a big downswing like everyone gets at some point there is allways a fall back