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    • atton64
      Joined: 31.01.2008 Posts: 1,777
      Hello guys.

      Basically there are a lot of custom huds and popups nowdays even with badges, graphs etc.
      I bought Notecaddy Edge about half year ago. You know it has everything maybe lot more than you should ever use.

      But now I'm not sure if I should use it anymore(without removing 1/2 part of the popup).
      Unfortunately I'm not a math guy, so I cant calculate the deviation according sample sizes.

      For example there is a stat which is 40-60% cbet size in 3b pot is weak %, then 60-80%, and then 80+(but I can write down at least 20 more lol). If we have 25k from a player do you think it is a useful stat? I don't think so but I'm really not sure. So what about 70k? Yes, it looks much better BUT we should't use stats older than 3 months, because most people will change their style from time to time. So I'm afraid of making mistakes because of not enough sample sizes.

      What is your oppinion about it?


      Hm2 vs hero: How big is a correct sample size when it comes vs hero?
      *fold to 3bet
      *fold to resteal
      *fold to 4bet

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    • alderfalder
      Joined: 16.01.2010 Posts: 1,999
      Well, I use NCE as well and use these stats just for figuring out huge leaks. There are some player who "always" bet halfpot with air (on paired boards e.g.) and 2/3 with their valuehands.
      So if there is a huge difference between the weaknesses NCE is showing for each betsize I'll exploit it.

      I'm not sure, but isn't there a number behind how often a certain spot took place before?

      for example:
      cbet 3betpot is weak:
      40-60% 68%(21)
      60-80% 32%(18)

      If it looks like this samplesize shouldn't be a problem... if you have had this spot 3-5 times before only it doesn't help.

      But you're right, most of the things NCE can help you with are for really large samplesizes (if you play the same games again and again maybe mined hands will help you to get the samplesize you need)

      But if you have the chance to get such a samplesize things like NCE get more and more powerful. There should be things like "call 3bet oop" ranges, where one villain has something like:
      and another

      If you have those specific reads about their ranges playing against them will be pretty easy.

      Maybe you should just check, which stats you actually have a look at while playing and get rid of all the stuff you never use (just irritates, and less numbers are always good)

      I've completely overdone the 3betpopup because it didn't show the things I want to know.

      Hope I could help you, best regards;)