AF (aggression factor) - stat from the olden days?

    • immot
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      I'm using AF as a standard stat for my HUD but I really don't understand it's value. I know that 0.5 is low and 10 is high and the bigger the number the more aggressive opponent is. But how and in what situations. I have noticed that people have stopped adding AF to stat list when posting hands for evaluation (imo 3bet has taken it's place). Maybe it's obsolete? So I have some questions for you guys:

      How should I interpreter AF values?
      Should I use it?
      What should I use it instead of it (aggression% by street for example?) on my table HUD?
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    • tommygecko
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      IMO it's important but only tells you much when it's extreme values (for example AF <1.0 is almost always a passive player/passive fish and AF more than perhaps 5 or 6 over a decent sample is overly aggressive) But of course AF alone is not enough, being aggressive can mean many things (cbets too much, donks too much, raises too much etc) so you need stats like flop cbet% turn cbet%, donk bet% to complement the AF stat, but for those you need even larger samples though. It's definitely not obsolete. 3bet % is also a must so I include both AF and 3bet% in my HUD.
    • staktas
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      I mainly use it when deciding if small value bet > check call. If AF is low, I value bet. If it's at least 4 I check/call their busted draw :f_biggrin:
    • ProfitsofDoom
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      I mainly play on Bovada now, so don't really use a HUD. But when i was using one, i used the 6 max hud that came with Leakbuster. It uses AF, and agg% by street, and color coding, and has a pretty good video and PDF about how to apply the stats at the table. It can definitely help you make decisions against different player types.
    • tolari
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      starting point might be looking at your stat and using it as a baseline to determine bluff/value proportions. Keep in mind that af for a player 18/15 means different thing than for a 29/25 guy
    • tommygecko
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      Yes if they're nits they are mostly being aggressive with only value hands postflop. So make sure to look at how tight they are too.