$100K Privilege Freerolls

    • JascSP
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      As someone who more often than not makes the top 10% places in tournaments, be they cash, freeroll or private (ITM, final table reasonably frequently), I have yet been able to make it past even the late registration stage (40 mins) in PS $100K Privilege Freerolls.

      My hole cards are always shocking and can hardly remember having anything decent in about 5 freerolls. I can remember in one of these where it seemed everyone were resorting to playing trash hand after trash hand and can only assume they were experiencing a similar lack of decent hole cards.

      Anyone else having similar experiences. Any basic tips for these tournaments. I prefer a patient tight-aggressive playing style.
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    • tommygecko
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      With such a fast blind structure in these freerolls and large player fields, it's normal not to cash most of them. In the early stages usually it's just waiting for a premium hand and trying to get it in asap.
    • anarxialevan
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      Once get 6th place in 100K freerall :D i remember i won about 8 coinflips :D
    • 23devil23
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      I was on the trash hand run recently aswell(not playing freerolls at all)...Its really frustrating as you will start playing them after some time and turn into a donk. :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin:
      You see many players making desperate plays nowadays even in higher buy in tourneys(shoving complete rags, calling super light) I think ps may have changed their card gen after being accused of the setting players up against each other with good hands.
    • danutz123
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      If you want me to go on tilt the quickest, don't bother bad-beating me with runner-runner one-outers, all you have to do (in tournaments, anyway) is either skunk me or give two walks in a row on a loose table with AA in the blinds.
    • w34z3l
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      All I know is that I love donking around in these things and I must have made over a dollar by this stage :D

    • amater0001
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      My tactics: I wait for 99+ than instant push - get called almost always.

      3 times i ended up in 100 (top 0.5%) and i have about 40-50 % itm.