fifty50/don coaching?

    • roopopper
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      Is this coaching on today? People have to make arrangements in their schedules to attend these coachings and we have no notice of cancellation?

      Then we get " sorry the coach this the coach that...blah blah blah

      I'm self employed too and if I'm going to be late or have to cancel a job,the first thing I do is call and let people know!! X(

      I understand if it was cancelled because of a genuine emergency, and my apologies if it is, I'm annoyed as I could have been doing something more constructive with my time than sitting around waiting for a coaching session to begin.

      Roo X(
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      Hey Roo,

      Sorry for missing this until now. I believe there has been an ongoing glitch with some of our coachings which means they have been appearing in the player at the incorrect time.

      I will see if this was the case here and get the relevant personnel to reply to you :)

      My dearest apologies to you and all members effected by this. Obviously we want everything to run smoothly all of the time but this one just escaped us :(

      Kind regards,