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    • atton64
      Joined: 31.01.2008 Posts: 1,771

      I know that it is not the best place to write this. Maybe someone else is interested too. =)

      I have no clue about how to play when it comes to mtts. I think lot of cg player are in same situation. So sometimes I'd like to play 3-4 tourney but I don't want to spend too many times with learning how to play in a tournament. I just want to play sometimes band dont want to be total banana(so like losing a lot of money in the long run). So its just like a hobby for me but I dont feel myself comfortable if I know nothing about it.

      Since I dont want to spend a lot of time with learning as I prefer learning cg instead, can you guys recommend me some video series(or articles whatever) where I could build my mtt game from close to 0? I really appreciate any thoughts about this(do this, not to do this etc)

      Thank you!
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    • HypnoMarsu
      Joined: 08.09.2011 Posts: 29
      Hi atton64

      I'm also a cg player and I like playing freerolls to take breaks from the grind. I like freerolls with decent prizepools and small fields such as VIP freerolls and the pokerstrategys 10k freerolls. One of the benefits of them being a bit more exclusive is the fact that players are somewhat more competent and you can avoid (some of) the donkfest of regular freerolls. which means you will have a chance to learn some real mtt skills for free :D

      -if I would read one article from strategy section it would be this one
      How to play with different stack sizes in an MTT. Because changing gears according to your stack size is what gets you to the final table
      -as for videos I like Jonathan Littles videos and his approach but this one might be closer to what your looking for Basics of Multi-Table Tournaments
      -As for books I recommend Harrington on holdem vol 1 (vol2&3 are optional) the strategy might be a bit nitty for todays games but it is a solid approach to MTTs with good sample hands

    • lnternet
      Joined: 19.06.2012 Posts: 782
      I always put up nash tables when I play tournaments. At least the headsup push and call tables like these.

      Basically it's all about playing well with a short stack, how wide to open at what stack etc. Then a bit of ICM on top, PokerStrategy actually has good articles on that, and you are ready to beat the weekly donkaments :)