Full ring live MSS with a bunch of loose players

    • puzzlewell
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      So yesterday I went to this home game, we played 2/5 cash game with 7-9 players at the table(people has been coming and going), min buy-in was 200. The other players bought in for 400 to 600. I can't afford to loose all my money at once, so I bought in for 300. With 60 BB, I think I was mid stacked.

      I got great starting hands, so with in the first two hours I was up to 1600+, and I left with 1400+, and I tipped the dealer 70.

      Problem is, the other players were very loose. They tend to call with almost any hand preflop, and I only played JJ+, AJ+, I even folded AK off suit once preflop. Luckily enough I got dealt a lot of those good hands and killed the table. I even felt guilty winning those money because those people can't play.

      My question is, what if I don't get dealt many premium hands in this kind of game, should I just wait? I can't raise too much with marginal hands without a decent stack size, and a 4BB preflop raise is simply not respected at this table. And when they come in with other marginal hands or even trash hands, I would still be playing for luck with mine. (I threw away 7d2d face up, and a guy was shocked, saying they are suited!)

      I think I read somewhere that you should play a strategy that is least used at the table. So when all other players are loose, I shall just wait for the Aces with mid stack?

      Btw, the currency was not dollars.
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    • Acespeci
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      You can loosen up in late position and steal and if someone is very loose pre-flop you can widen your 3 betting range and 3bet with KQ, KJs even T9 suited on the button but only if your desperate and not getting any good hands.

      They will think your only playing Aces and if you dont hit on the flop you can c-bet for 1/2 potsize on a dry board and they will fold 50% of the time if you didnt make them fold pre-flop.
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      Hey puzzlewell

      I also find at these loose passive games that playing drawing hands is quite profitable. Hands like Axs and Kxs same with suited connectors and suited one gappers because often times you are getting good implied odds.