=== €50,000 Freeroll Madness! ===

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      A total of €50,000 in freeroll prizes is being given away throughout April, with 24hPoker hosting a €5,000 freeroll each Sunday in April and a €500 freeroll each day.

      Play 100 raked hands the week prior to the €5,000 freerolls to qualify; play just 1 raked hand within 24 hours of a €500 daily to qualify for that!

      Freeroll details

      Date Time (GMT)
      Tournament name Registration requirements
      Daily 01:30 €50 Razz Freeroll -
      Daily 05:45 €50 Hold'em Freeroll -
      Daily 09:30 €50 Omaha Freeroll -
      Daily 13:00 €200 Hold'em Freeroll -
      Daily 18:00 €50 Omaha Hi Lo Freeroll
      Daily 18:30 €500 Hold'em Freeroll 1x raked hand 24 hours prior to tournament start
      Wednesdays 18:30 €500 New Player Freeroll
      New players only
      Sundays 17:00 €5,000 Hold'em Freeroll
      100x raked hand 7 days prior to tournament start

      Terms & conditions
      €5000 Freeroll: You need to have played 100 Raked Hands over the 7 days prior to the tournament starting!
      €500 Daily Freeroll: You need to have played 1 Raked Hands over the 24 hr prior to the tournament starting!
      *A Raked Hand is when you receive cards and you contribute money to the pot (rake is taken). Only works in Cash Game Tables.

      24hPoker's terms & conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

      If you do not have a 24hPoker account yet, take advantage of our first deposit bonus and click here to create one.
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