which stats to use for 6 max turbos

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    • Styr
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      There is no universal answer to your question.

      It all depends on several factors, not limited to:

      *how many tables you play
      *your screen size - how much of the HUD you can fit on the tables without cluttering it
      *how much of the data you can use effectively - depending on how good your focus is.

      It is best to take a few select stats - depending on your playing style. Start with a few (whenever you are thinking in-game "if I only had the villains stats in this situation", then it is a good idea to add that specific stat to the HUD), or if you have a specific style of play, then stats relating to that. Add as many as you can manage effectively - and build it up from there.

      Trust me, it is not a good idea to have a shitload (and yes, such a unit of measure actually exists) of stats, when it distracts you from any real information you could effectively use.