Mission FullTilt

    • canniballsy
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      So in the beginning of the year, I opened a FullTilt account and paired it with my PokerStars account to get $20 bonus on my Fulltilt account. I started playing Rush poker sitting with $5. [Not following the BRM :) ]. Anyways I made $100 in 3 days. Then suddenly I lost my cool, got tilt for playing long hours burning the night oil, I lost it all. . Left the account to rot in hell. Then at office oneday, I felt like playing poker, opened the Fulltilt account and started playing 15FTP Super Turbo 9 table SNG. The 1st prize gets a $0.50 SNG ticket. I used up all my 1000 FTP and got around 16tickets. Played all the 16 SNG tickets and made around $7.50.

      I sat at the 6max .01/.02 tables with $1.50 and have increased my BR to $18 playing 4 tables at a time. This time I am determined to make it to $100 again. Can anyone give me few suggestion on how I should proceed?
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