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straigth draw vs flush draw?!?

    • NRGBlaze
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 604
      I have a question that is bugging me for many games already
      What are you guys doing when the card that completes your straight draw also completes a possible flush draw?
      I know the answer depends on your reads/stack/position etc., but I just need your opinion in general
      What do you do in that case if you ignore your reads and stack size - do you call? And do you raise/re-raise? What about if you are first to act?
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    • Tosh5457
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 3,062
      If the player has been check/calling, a possible flush comes and he bets he probably got it. When you're first to act I suggest doing a bet/fold, but because most people will just call with their flush you got another decision on the river.

      Then it depends on the player, if he's a passive player and just calls when possible flush hits, the flush it's just a small part of his range, so you can keep betting.

      It depends a lot on the player, but I face some hard decisions because of this matter too.
    • Grimzor
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 421
      There is no play in general. All depends on situation. What action was there preflop, texture of board, your image etc. If i had to say how i play such situations in general easiest i could describe is - carefully. Similar to straight/flush on paired board. Try to get to showdown cheap, dont raise. Raising on river makes no sense as only better hands would call you. Raising before river as semibluff could be possible imo but its impossible to describe in general when thats a good move and when not. If flush is very very likely (like 4 of same suit on board after monotone flop and betting on flop) - fold would be good too.

      When you have straight and there is flush possible on board its likely that you dont have the best hand so keep pot small and avoid big confrontations. Thats how i play such situations, dont think i summed it up too nicely but well ... hope it helps you.