500 sit and go's in one week

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      Here are my plans for the next 7 days, starting on thursday(my lucky day lol).

      I am going to play $6.50 turbo six handed sit and go's on fulltilt(27% rakeback), four at a time, with an average of at least seven per hour for 10 hours a day, for seven days straight(im on summer hols im not another poker degenerate :) ).

      My goal is to have played 500 sit and go's in total for the week, here are the numbers.

      500 times $6 buy in is $3000 plus 500 times $0.50c is $250($182.50 after rakeback). Total of $3182.5.

      The minimum amount i expect to make from this is $418 or 20% R.O.I.
      20% R.O.I would be total cashes of $3600 thus giving me my $418 expected profits anything more than that is a bonus.

      In order to achieve 20% R.O.I i need to come first 100 times and second 100 out of 500. I think this is a very reasonable target.

      Next week i am going to do exactly the same but at the $11 limits if all goes weel this week.

      I should also earn a bonus of $25 per week from the iron man promo and 1750 fulltilt points.

      In the last 2 weeks i done something very similar on pokerstars. Playing only turbo 6 handed sit and go's $6.50's. I played 339 games, i came 1st 85 times and i came 2nd 68 times, thats 153 cashes in 339 games u can tell by my sharkscope graph(N17JFJF pokerstars).
      I invested $2010 and $167.5 in fees and made a total profit of $685.30 which i was pretty happy about, i also came 3rd in venus battle of the planets high orbit and luckily for me i was 2x week which gave me another $360. So all in all not a bad couple of weeks.

      Well anyhow thats the plan i will let u guys know how it goes. The reason i am posting this is because it gives me added motivation and also id like to discuss certain situations that arise with people who are also grinding the turbo 6 handed sit and go's. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables.
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