Defend Range Preflop

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      There are many videos, articles, and charts available for opening range preflop. Getdotcom write a new one (take a look at his blog. Very good imo) for example. Verneer and Ryan Fees did years ago.

      Is there any article that discusses about defending range preflop? how to construct calling/3bet range preflop?

      I want to answer questions like this:
      a TAG (VPIP/PFR : 22/18) opening from CO. He is as good as you postflop. What is your defending range? (calling range, 3 bet range, 5 bet jam range, etc). How if you think you are better player postflop?
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    • BigOVERBET
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      I dont rely only on vpip/pfr...CO steal, Fold to 3bet, 4bet, fold to cbet, raise cbet etc are needed to... =)

      but if i have no info...i usually 3bet/fold pairs up to 99. 1010+ 5bet jam.
      Also 3bet KQ+, A10+
      I dont call weak aces OOP, I raise or fold them.
      Hands like KJ, QJ, J10s i dont mind calling with.
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      Hey guys,

      Just noting that I've moved this thread to the No Limit board :)

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