3b- & CC-Ranges vs this opponent?!

    • msPokerJ
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      Hey guys, I'm not really struggling with this opponent, still I wonder whats the best way to adjust my ranges versus him.

      He openraises too light in EPs (EP->SB): 24//28//37//42//46

      He doesn't fold enough vs 3bets and calls alot
      Fold3Bet (EP->SB): 36//49//50//48//27
      Call3Bet (EP->SB): 55//40//40//37//55

      So this would obviously lead me to 3bet him depolarized. His F2CBet stats are 50//37//54.

      Now while he opens too much and doesnt fold to 3bets alot, he also cbets flops 76% and folds only 44% vs raises. He cbets Turns only 32% and then c/folds 54%.

      So on the one hand I think I should 3bet all playable hands IP to punish his wide 3bet-flats, on the other hand, he's cbetting way too much and not folding alot to raises. So I might wanne call some strong hands to raise my good pairs for value on the flop!?

      What kind of hands do u wanne flat vs him (if at all) and which do you wanne 3bet?
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    • mbml
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      Use a 1 or 3 barrel strategy, he doesn't fold too much to the Turn barrel.

      I will 3bet wide and depolarized as you said, I would add AQ, KQ, AJ to my value 3bet range, as well as 99/TT.

      Basically I would just call very wide and 3bet really wide. His range is wide and weak so it's easier to apply a lot of pressure postflop. Even in single-raised pots, he has a huge imbalance (cbets too little on the Turn so we can call Flop and bluff Turn a lot)

      I would call the smaller suited connectors, maybe you can 3bet some KXs and Q8s/J8s type of hands, while calling AXs and 22-88. I would not fold KJo/ATo, but I would call his open too. Depends on which position you are in though, whatever I'm saying now applies mostly to BU and maybe CO.