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SIMPLE poker

    • VasiliZaitsev
      Joined: 25.05.2008 Posts: 77
      Hi guys,

      I started playing poker in 2008 with the starting roll from pokerstrategy. I never really lost at the game because I liked studying at the beginning even more than playing. To keep it short i got to 50nl in something like 6 months with a 30BI rule playing 30-45 hours a month. Unfortunately i had to go to school a lot and had other things on my mind and back then i never thought getting serious about poker. I did all the right things except putting in the volume. (right things: studying, tiltcontrol etc. ).
      I used to play 30-45 hours a month and withdraw money to buy stupid stuff (because rent and food was covered by my parents). I even had long breaks for 1 month or more because i had exams.
      After i finished my studies i still played 30-60 hours a month and simply expected things to go right but my 100nl shots weren't too successful, even though on Ongame at the time the games were very soft.

      Ok, so last year in July I decided to withdraw all my roll, take a break and start looking for a job. I took a break but didn't really know what jobs I would like to apply for, since I didn't love what I studied. At some point, around the middle of October I really missed playing so I deposited $300 to play 10nl.
      To keep it short again, now I play on Stars. I beat 25nl for 6bb/100. After 35k hands or so I was beating it for 8bb/100 so felt like changing something to my game :) )(tried adjusting for 50nl). I got datamined hands for 50nl and saw that the biggest winner was much more aggro than me so I started 3betting and spewing chips. (though I must admit it's really nice to tilt fish, they lose their money much easier). The worst thing is that I also tried playing 50nl like that and it didn't go as expected.
      So for 3-4 weeks I played like crazy, without paying attention, trying too many bluffs and a lot of herocalls. This last weekend I went through pokerstrategy's videos and I found a series called “Champions stand up once more than the rest” by Raskolnikov which was very inspiring and I feel like that's exactly what I needed to get me on the right track again. I also watched his video “The secret of Simplicity” and that's what inspired the name of the blog.

      What I want from this blog is to keep me active and always know my goals:
      1) Keep things SIMPLE!
      -this one is the most important
      -it implies not making herocalls, not making stupid bluffs, not 3betting just for the sake of 3betting, not playing brain dead etc.
      2) Play 30 hours a week.

      As for short term goals for the next 2 months:
      -100k hands at 50nl with 5bb/100 winrate,
      -find out how much I like the game and at what level I will be able to get it to.

      My roll is now at about 2.6k so with a winrate of about 5bb/100 my roll will be 5k+ and maybe enough to take shots at 100nl. In 2-3 months i'll start withdrawing again so hopefully i'll be at 100nl by that time.

      Also as a longtime goal I would like to try playing HU at some point, maybe after I'm a reg at 100nl SH I will try some 50nl HU. I played HU on FTP a long time ago; it went pretty good overall but I decided I wasn't made for it after I spewed 7 BI's in 35 minutes versus a fish ( of course, I didn't really keep things simple back then).

      I hope to hear from you,

      PS: Sorry if the introduction was too long or boring or chaotic … it's the first time i'm writing a blog post.

      25nl graph and 50nl misfire:

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    • justkyle88
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 7,613
      Hey Vasili,

      Your story sounds extremely similar as to what I've been through, I'm not sure if it's a common story through poker players but I'll be following with interest.


    • VasiliZaitsev
      Joined: 25.05.2008 Posts: 77
      @ kyle: hi. yep, i think it could be a common story through poker players, probably those people that are really enthusiastic when finding something new that they like but get bored because of overdoing it.
      thanks for the interest
    • VasiliZaitsev
      Joined: 25.05.2008 Posts: 77
      This week I played around 19 hours. This is because i feel tired from sleeping from 6am to 2pm and having some friends over. Now it's 8:20 and i'm thinking i shouldn't sleep at all today and maybe this way i'll go to sleep at 11pm and start the week fresh. Not sure this is a good idea.

      I set the target for 30 hours a week. Do you guys think that is achievable ? And i mean 30 hours of pure poker with max concentration, without skype, fb, music.
      How much do you play? How would your schedule look like ? Do you take days off ?