[NL20-NL50] 33 vs shortstack call 4way set

    • GingerKid
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      iPoker - $0.50 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      BB: 15.28 BB (VPIP: 14.29, PFR: 14.29, 3Bet Preflop: 11.11, Hands: 35)
      UTG: 182 BB (VPIP: 21.89, PFR: 17.75, 3Bet Preflop: 3.13, Hands: 176)
      MP: 52.42 BB (VPIP: 42.22, PFR: 10.00, 3Bet Preflop: 2.08, Hands: 93)
      CO: 142.94 BB (VPIP: 22.97, PFR: 10.81, 3Bet Preflop: 2.94, Hands: 75)
      Hero (BTN): 102.9 BB
      SB: 133.22 BB (VPIP: 22.58, PFR: 18.28, 3Bet Preflop: 5.71, Hands: 95)

      SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

      Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has 3:club: 3:diamond:

      UTG raises to 3 BB, fold, CO calls 3 BB, Hero calls 3 BB, fold, BB raises to 15.28 BB and is all-in, UTG calls 12.28 BB, CO calls 12.28 BB, Hero calls 12.28 BB

      Flop: (61.62 BB, 4 players) 3:heart: 7:club: K:club:
      UTG checks, CO checks, Hero bets 12 BB, fold, CO calls 12 BB

      Turn: (85.62 BB, 3 players) 7:spade:
      CO checks, Hero bets 16 BB, CO calls 16 BB

      River: (117.62 BB, 3 players) 2:spade:
      CO checks, Hero bets 59.62 BB, CO calls 59.62 BB

      BB shows A:heart: 9:heart: (One Pair, Sevens) (Pre 34%, Flop 2%, Turn 0%)
      CO shows K:heart: J:heart: (Two Pair, Kings and Sevens) (Pre 33%, Flop 2%, Turn 10%)
      Hero shows 3:club: 3:diamond: (Full House, Threes full of Sevens) (Pre 33%, Flop 96%, Turn 90%)
      Hero wins 230.86 BB

      Is call preflop ok? I gues it is because there is a lot of dead money and ep might have a nice hand when he calls it.

      Is my bet size on flop ok? I wanted it to look as a bluff and to get light calls, and anyway pot is huge.
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    • mbml
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      I'm folding preflop as the raise size is way too large (how often do you hit a set? You are paying 12bb more and you only have a 100bb stack).

      For postflop I think you can bet 20bb on Flop and shove the Turn just to rep a draw. How often are u actually bluffing here? Close to never since BB is already all-in and with 2 other players, it just doesn't make any sense to make small bets here.