Ok. I'm ready for a Coach.. Who to pick Though??

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      I will tell you a bit about myself before someone can refer me to the right coach. I would say when I really focus on playing good I play really good, I've came second place in 2 decent Tournaments in the past 3 months. I'm usually a plo player.

      I've closed my poker accounts for 2 months to take a break and learn as much as I can. I've got really bad bad BRM and I tilt so hard that if I lose one big pot or a decent size I'm playing like the biggest donkey you will see in action.

      I know I have what it takes to be a successful player. I'm looking for a reasonable pricing coach who can help me improve my gaming much better. My pokerstars name is sexyguy2727

      I'm 100 percent want to take this to a new level so when I come back to play I can be a much much better player, I'm more focusing on tournaments/fifty fifty as I been playing cash games for a long time. Last 2 weeks I build my bankroll on stars to 3000 and decided to go crazy playing 5 10 plo, bad bad idea right. I just go crazy tilt when I lose a big pot and decide to always bluff. I went to a home game other night 1,2 and lost 1500. I make a good living working but I spoke to some pro's such as GodLikeRoy and he said coaching helped him a lot. If there is someone who you guys recommend please give me there information. I'm not looking to spend crazy dollars on a coach, someone who is affordable and is great thanks guys.
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