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Lazy Singaporean

    • cutegoldfish
      Joined: 19.11.2009 Posts: 4,335
      - What do you play?
      6 MAX up to NL100 Zoom poker, tried a little NL200 not really used to it.

      - Poker history?
      Played about 1.5m-2m hands since 2009

      - Goals and aspirations for poker?

      ------Objective 1 : Systematic Framework Thinking-------------
      I am looking for a framework that i can use in poker for 99% of all situations. I think in a system and framework for example

      On the button (there will be one for every position)
      Pre flop
      >DEFAULT - Raise Any2 if fold equity in blinds > 57% , otherwise raise 50% range
      >>IF blinds 3bet alot
      >>ADJUST tighter opening range (40-50%)
      >>ADJUST higher 4bet range (5% overall)

      Flop (assume heads up IP)
      > DEFAULT - CB all flops
      >>IF fold to CB <60% do not CB super wet midding card boards
      >> you get the idea

      It should look almost like a program that a bot can run. not that i believe this is the best system but i need something like that to help my thinking flow.

      - What do you sturggle with?

      once in a while i go down 20 stacks and question my abilities. i am also very lazy and believe that some simple quick work and yield great results and that was the case in my academic life but not reflecting the same in poker. I am trying to focus more on improving my game but don't know what to work on exactly that can bring about the maximum improvements.

      - What do you want to get out of the bootcamp?

      fix the major leaks i have to play up to nl200 or even better nl500 on pokerstars zoom. so far i am in the process of fixing the following leaks

      1. calling too little in the BB, i call only 3-4%. currently adjusting up to 10% but still not sure what spots to call.

      2. calling too little in the BU, i only call like 6-7%. Currently adjusting up to 12% but not sure how to play against players with wide ranges that dont give up on the flop or turn.

      3. i realised i have a very low W$WSD like 42% when all other positions are getting >50%. maybe because i open too wide on the button? or because my post flop play sucks?
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