New move Been Added to Playbooks

    • Skribbles
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      I have been seeing an increasing trend in this very effective new play.
      Its what i call the Bluff Allin Call.
      I just cannot comprehend the thought processes that these advanced players go through to decide to call an allin on a total bluff.
      I really just wanted those who are unaware of this great play to just think a while before maybe adding it to your playbook.
      Thank you.
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    • SoyCD
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      The most powerful variation of this move - which should only be practiced by the utmost experts - is the bluff all-in call on the river. Especially in situations where you have an OESD + Flushdraw on the river + 7 high - you will certainly have the necessary equity to attract the attention of the other players at the table!
    • Vucko018
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      This is a Joke, right?
    • NRGBlaze
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      Originally posted by Vucko018
      This is a Joke, right?
      of course not!!! after 6 or 7 moves like those (with approximately 20-30 BB each) you will have a stable table image and the respect of the players ;)