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Rip You Off

    • thesundancekid
      Joined: 09.05.2011 Posts: 151
      any 1 of you guys ever noticed that 888 rips you off when you cash out

      ive noticed this alot over the years but now i think im never going play on the site ever again.

      just took out $900 there which should convert into 594.65 ££££££

      and i received 569.73

      they fkn always seen to take off extra 20 odd $$ or so, you call them and they say oh that was the charges of transfer $$$ into £££ at that specific time, I thnk it comlete bull shit also..

      I have played on 888 for years about 4 and I see this all the time,

      the software loves the donks it lets them win unreal hands vs you in certains games , you see the same donk hit after hit and you just know it letting them win
      espcially for newbie donks.

      a m8 of mine played for 1st time on 888 and jammed mosty any good hand he got and he won that game, IM FKN TELLING you the fkn software is DESIGNED TO LET DONKS WIN AND GO AND GR8 RUNS ( WHY DO U ASK?)


      it lets the donks thnk there gr8 at poker give them a good cash / win then the blow whole roll in more games..

      next time ur at a table on 888 and u see same donk hit hand after ahnd after hand dont go in apot with him you will lose..
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