[NL2-NL10] tilt call

    • hvard92
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      Me(BB) $2.53 - VP:11 PFR:8 AF:2.7 W:28|40 STL:44|100 3B:0| CB:83| N:-2.13 Hands:131
      Player 9(UTG) $1.95 - VP:50 PFR:17 AF:0 W:67|100 STL: 3B:0| CB: N:1.88 Hands:6

      Pre Flop: Me(BB) with [J :club: ,J :diamond:]
      Player 9(UTG) calls 0.02, Me(BB) bets 0.16, Player 9(UTG) raises 1.93 Me(BB) calls 1.77

      Flop: (K :diamond: ,9 :spade: ,7 :diamond:)

      Turn: (2 :diamond:)

      River: (T :club:)

      Player 9(UTG) wins 3.88
      Me(BB) shows [J :club: ,J :diamond:]
      Player 9(UTG) shows [A :diamond: ,A :heart:]

      The table was very loose and about 3 donkeys there. I was so pacient playing FR for a long time and i followed the startinghandschart all the time and all i got was just shit. I bit frustrating because the table was so loose and i hardly got any hands and when i got some good SC, someone raised. Then i finally got a decent hand, so i raised hoping to take down the pot or one caller. Then he 3bet shoved. I instantly tilt, because it didn't make any sense (at the moment). But if he had 3bet me to like 0,50 i probably would have folded so i don't know if it was a good play by him or what it was. Weird hand. I'm i bit tired now too. I guess i should have folded. Just posting the hand anyways to make it easier to recognize the situation next time. Just tell me why i should have folded=P
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    • kymupa
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      I think that making it 8bb preflop is a little bit too much - I'd make it 5bb.

      When he shoves I would fold here. Without information I would only continue with QQ+, AK since this range is good enough most of the times.

    • hvard92
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      -.- Almost the whole table limped, and i forgot to add all the players who limped. Therefore i made it so much. Thanks.