[NL2-NL10] AKo on BU

    • HrabriLavek
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      Villain is 84/30 AF 3.3 over 50 hands , he donks 50% (on 6 occasions) and I noticed he usually donks with anything he hits(top pair, mid pair, low pair...doesnt matter)...his fold to 3bet is 0 on 3 occasions

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.04(BB) Replayer
      SB ($3.71)
      BB ($4)
      UTG ($7.88)
      UTG+1 ($7.97)
      CO ($1.96)
      Hero ($7.06)

      Dealt to Hero K:heart: A:diamond:

      fold, fold, CO raises to $0.12, Hero raises to $0.36, fold, fold, CO calls $0.24

      FLOP ($0.78) 9:club: 6:spade: K:spade:

      CO bets $0.37, Hero raises to $0.74, CO calls $0.37

      TURN ($2.26) 9:club: 6:spade: K:spade: 4:club:

      CO checks, Hero bets $1.61, CO calls $0.86 (AI)

      RIVER ($3.98) 9:club: 6:spade: K:spade: 4:club: 4:diamond:

      CO shows 9:diamond: 7:spade: (Pre 36%, Flop 25.1%, Turn 11.4%)Hero shows K:heart: A:diamond: (Pre 64%, Flop 74.9%, Turn 88.6%)Hero wins $3.79

      I raise for value and will most likely get called by his whole range

      I hit TPTK on the flop, I think based on my reads that I am ahead of his donk bet so I raise for value just enough so I can get him to get his stack in more comfortable on the turn

      turn is more or less a blank so I proceed with getting it in
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    • w34z3l
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      Hey HrabriLavek,

      Preflop 3bet for value is good.

      I like the flop raise, given your notes on villain he can easily bet/call with worse. I may even raise larger under normal circumstances, but since villain is shallow you still set up a turn shove.

      4 is a blank. Villain doesn't have much left. Shove for value is good, well played.