[NL20-NL50] NL25 SH: bad bluff?

    • Kruppe
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      BB: $27.80
      UTG: $7.35
      Kruppe (MP): $29.70
      CO: $10.60
      BTN: $21.50
      SB: $18.90

      Pre-Flop: A:spade: A:diamond: dealt to Kruppe (MP)
      UTG folds, Kruppe raises to $1, CO calls $1, BTN calls $1, 2 folds

      Flop: ($3.35) 9:heart: 8:heart: 3:heart: (3 Players)
      Kruppe bets $3, CO folds, BTN calls $3

      Turn: ($9.35) 9:heart: 8:heart: 3:heart: [ 7:heart: ] (2 Players)
      Kruppe bets $5, BTN calls $5

      River: ($19.35) 9:heart: 8:heart: 3:heart: 7:heart: [ 5:heart: ] (2 Players)
      Kruppe checks, BTN checks

      I think he very often has a draw on the flop, and the turn completes nearly all draws, so I should just shut down.
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    • Diedobal
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      Nothing that calls the flop will fold to your turn raise I'm afraid. You have no hearts, CO has no hearts which makes it logical BTN has atleast a flushdraw when he calls flop. And trying to bluff someone of a made hand (any flush is the nuts on nl25) is bad for your stack on this limit :(
    • kukac26
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      Smaller flop bet could save some nickels, because the flop is decidedly ugly. Aces there are weak.

      You shutdown on the turn.
    • Kaitz20
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      I like your betsize on the flop, but no flush would fold on the turn (thatś why he called your bet on the flop :) )
      So c/f is the best option here.