fucked it up

    • UltimateShit
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      First I have to thank pokerstrategy.com for giving me the opportunity to play online poker.

      Have played about 2months now, and made my bankroll to 120$, started at 4NL Shorthanded game, and did it well. I started to multitabling up to 9 tables, and made it okay, I was always almost breakeven at the end of the day but I did made my bankroll up to 120$. Today I lost 30$ due to bad luck and started to tilt, went to BlackJack and bided 25$, lost it ofc, got even more tilted, and suddenly my bankroll was 20$. Tryed to get my bankroll back but didnt work. Yep, I fucked it up big time, I could easilty work my bankroll back up from 90$, but I made a mistake and have learned from it.

      Anyway all in all, its been an pleasent enjoy of playing, and im probably gonna move to another site (stars/partypoker) maybe, and make a deposit there. I also feel Ive made it pretty good (except from the blackjack part). Made it almost to gold rank, 300PS points away from gold and Elephant license.

      over and out.

      - Ultimateshit!
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    • xylere
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      hey UltimateShit,

      nice nickname)
      yeah, it sucks, but its not the end of the world)
      personally, i've lost about 1k.smt before making a decision that i want to take it seriously)
      and i know a lot of players who did it same way)
      others made it from starting 50$

      depends on how you acquire personal experience, imo)
      but you have to make a decision at one point)

      However, I would give you some tips

      1) Don't start with sh games, even NL 4
      You need quite some experience to play sh, at least general one

      2) Don't play 9 tables
      multitabling cuts learning process, you can't really learn playing 9 tables
      ofc, you get some experience, but not enough to progress
      basically, playing 9 tables means executing the skills you have
      and if you don't have any (or your skills are poorly trained), you will obviously lose

      I suggest you start with SSS, since it is the fastest way to build up a bankroll for NL 10 deep stack games
      + you will get useful experience

      then switch to FR and grind couple of limits
      and only after it you can think about sh

      meanwhile, you can expand your knowledge base, by watching sh vidz, visiting coachings and participating in hand discussions.

      good luck
    • Jaime001254
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      dont worry, i had a bad start too... well, i got up to 80, then in a downswing ended up in 30...

      i entered titan roulette just to bet 3 or 4 times, just to rid of that bad luck.
      oh surprise, in the 3rd shot, i bet $10 instead of $0.1

      of course, i lost... F*** luck!!!!

      well, then i SSS again, and palyed some 0.2, 0.5 sng (titan)

      and here i am, once again, over 50....

      dont play roulette/blackjack
      play poker
      play good poker (dont tilt)

      you can still do it my friend!!!!
      best wishes