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    • rbdflyboy
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      Hi All, I'm rbdflyboy. I'm very new to poker. I was involved to a bad auto accident. It sidelined my normal career. That was over 5 years ago. I'm almost right now. Last winter a friend of mine introduced me to holdem poker. Sure keeps the walls from closing in! I've been playing since about April. I've had some successes and a ton of bad beats. This course I took really works. I just need to figure out, why, when I raise, I get clobbered and others don't. Quess its all part of the game. I don't get fooled as much anymore. That's a good thing. There are times when I want to give my computer flying lessons! Thanks for the oppertunity to say hey. Good luck to all. See you at the tables.
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    • TerrorBlade
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      Hey rbdflyboy,
      Sorry to hear about your accident, though hopefully some good poker success will come about because of it ;) As you play more hands, read articles and get feedback in the sample hands forum the answers will become clear,

      Good luck at the tables!